Teach Your Dog These 3 Simple Tricks

3 simple tricks to teach your dog

Teaching your dog to do some simple tricks is a fun way to pass the time. With the right training techniques and practice, your dog can learn to kiss, shake hands or rollover, regardless of how smart you think they are.

Before you start the training, remember to always make it fun and to practise only for a few minutes once or twice every day.  

 Trick 1 – Teaching your dog to kiss you!

Firstly, you will need three little things...a clicker, a little piece of tape (or a post-it note) to use as a lure, and your dog’s favourite treats with something to hold them in.

Hold your hand up with the lure on your palm. When your dog touches it with their nose, click your clicker and give them a treat (and of course, praise your buddy every time).

 When they have learnt that behaviour, you can start giving it a name. When they touch the lure, say ‘kiss’, then click and give a treat.

 When they have mastered that, the real fun starts. Put the lure on your cheek, say ‘kiss’ and when they put their nose up to the lure on your cheek, click and give them a treat. The final step of course is to do this without the lure.



Trick 2 Teaching your dog to shake hands

This one is very easy to teach.  Once again, have your clicker and your doggie

treats ready. A dog will usually touch a closed hand if they know there is a treat inside.

 When your dog does, click your clicker, give him the treat and plenty of praise.  Once your pal has the hang of that, you can offer him an empty hand. When they give you their paw, reward them with a treat from your pocket.

The next step is to encourage your dog to give you their paw for a longer time before giving them the treat.

 The final step is the verbal cue to shake. Offer your hand, shake, then give your pal a well-deserved treat and lots of praise.


Trick 3 Teaching your dog to roll over

This is another fun trick for you and your pooch. You don’t need much room, just time (and of course, your dog’s favourite treats for luring). 

 The first step is to hold a treat to their nose to lure them to the ground, before giving it up.

 Then hold a second treat close to their nose, slowly lifting their head so their weight shifts onto their side, which is when you give up the treat.

 Now hold a third treat close to their nose and slowly lure their head up and over so they start to roll.

 For the final move, hold a fourth treat close to their nose and bring their head over so their weight shifts and they roll. The key thing here is to hold the treat out away from your dog so they have to roll all the way over.

 With repetition and praise, your dog will roll on command. After all, dogs are animals that love to please!

 How we can help

 At DOOG,  we have a great range of training accessories to help you teach your dog these tricks and many more!

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