New Years Resolutions You Can Set With Your Dog

Another year is almost over, which means it’s time to start making some New Year’s resolutions to kick-start 2022!  Here are 5 New Year’s resolutions you can set with your dog to  make sure you’ll both be healthy and have plenty of fun together in 2022.

New Year’s Resolution #1. Schedule regular exercise together

Regular exercise is great for you and your dog’s physical health. According to the latest guidelines from the Department of Health, each week the average adult aged between 18 and 64 should do either:

  • 5 to 5 hours of moderately intensive exercise, or
  • 25 to 2.5 of vigorously intense physical activity.

Your exercise routine can be as simple as scheduling regular walks with your dog through to going for runs. Just make sure you both get a health check-up before you start any more strenuous exercise program (see New Year’s Resolution #4 below).


New Year’s Resolution #2. Schedule regular play dates

Dogs love to play and it’s great for their mental health. It’s also good for yours too, no matter how old you are! If you have a local dog park or a nearby dog-friendly beach, they can be great places to go to have fun.

New Year’s Resolution #3. Learn something new

Learning something new is a great mental stimulant for both you and your dog. Why put off learning that new hobby or skill you’ve always wanted to any longer?

And why not get your dog to learn something new as well? There are tricks you can teach any dog. Just make sure you’re patient and you have plenty of rewards on hand for encouragement. Make sure you make it a fun experience for both of you as well.

At DOOG, we have a great range of dog training accessories that you can use to teach your dog new tricks, including treat pouches and training clickers.

New Year’s Resolution #4. Book a health check-up

Early in the New Year is a great time to book an health check-up for both you and your furry best friend. You should both have a health check-up at least once a year. It’s especially important if you’re going to be exercising more together as one of your New Year’s Resolutions.

 You need to make sure neither of you have any underlying health issues. If you do, make sure you have them treated as soon as possible and modify your New Year’s exercise routine accordingly.



New Year’s Resolution #5: Eat a more healthy diet

Eating a more healthy diet is a no-brainer for  you and your dog to become more healthy in 2022. If you have an unhealthy diet, both you and your buddy are more prone to being overweight and having associated health issues.

According to the Dietary Guidelines For Americans from the Department of Health, you should eat more of these foods:

  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • wholegrain cereals
  • reduced fat yoghurt and cheese
  • lean meat, poultry and cheese.

 And less of these foods:

  • anything high in saturated fat
  • anything containing added salt or sugar

For your dog, try to choose a dog food that is formulated to meet the AAFCO guidelines for your dogs life stage or speak to your veterinarian about a healthy dog food they would recommend for your dog. 

A healthy diet combined with regular exercise (refer back to New Year’s Resolution #1) is the best way to ensure that both you and your canine companion are as healthy as possible. Talk to your vet about the healthiest possible diet for your dog at the next check up (refer back to New Year’s Resolution #4).

Happy 2022 to all of our customers and their four legged friends. 


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