5 fun things to do with your dog over the Labor Day weekend

The Labor Day long weekend is almost here!  What better time to get out and about with your furry friend? Here are 5 fun things you can do together.

1. Do some exercise together

Taking your best friend out in Autumn’s cooler weather is a fantastic way to get some exercise, especially if you’re going to be eating or drinking a little more with family or friends over the long weekend.  That makes it even more important to get some extra exercise and including your best buddy will make it even more FUN. Find a trail to explore!



Of course, some breeds are more active than others. For example, a Bichon Frise likes some exercise but they also just love a cuddle and to sit watching the world go by. At the other end of the spectrum you may have a beautiful Golden Retriever who loves to run, so take a ball or stick toy to throw to play fetch.   


2. Get out and about (and take some selfies for our pet parent of the month competition)

Enter our pet owner of the month competition by snapping and sharing pictures of you and your dog enjoying our gear on Facebook and Instagram. You can win a 2- week feature on the home page of our website and a $50 gift card for our store. The more creative the photo the better!  Your dog may not realize or care how they look, but it will be fun to get out and about to take a few awesome selfies with your best friend. 


3. Teach some tricks

What better time to start teaching your puppy or dog some tricks than a long-weekend? Spend some quality time with your little mate so that by the time you return to work, you’ve successfully taught him or her a new trick. It could be to kiss you, shake hands, rollover, fetch a ball or even to grab you a drink from the fridge!


 It’s not overly difficult to train doggies to do some simple tricks. You just have to be patient and prepared with some small treats to use as rewards. Dogs of all breeds love to please their owners. You are the “leader of the pack” for your canine companion, so it won’t take long.


4. Get your caffeine fix at a dog café

Socializing with your buddy is easy now with more outdoor cafés and restaurants welcoming the four-legged member of your family. It’s a nice way to get a group of friends together by inviting them and their dogs to your local pet friendly café to celebrate the Labor Day long weekend.

 Just remember to bring some water and a chew toy as a little distraction if necessary. Our furry friends are becoming a bigger part of our social lives now that there is no need to leave them at home.


5. Go to a dog-friendly beach

It’s very satisfying to see your little buddy having the time of their life running freely along the beach and enjoying the waves. Don’t forget to take your dog’s favourite toys to play catch or fetch. A doggie towel is also a must to wash off the sand when you’re ready to go home.


But the most important thing to remember is your poop bags. Dog-friendly beaches are the most wonderful, fun places to go, but don’t forget to ‘poop a scoop’!


How we can help

At DOOG, we have everything you need to have fun with your dog each and every weekend. You can order any of our quality products online anytime.

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