• DOOG Swim/Bath towel for dogs

    DOOG Swim/Bath towel for dogs

    Made from anti-bacterial, quick dry material this is the ‘must have’ accessory for owners of hounds with a penchant for water sports. These are great for drying off wet dogs after a swim in the sea or a run in the rain. Applied straight afterwards these will keep nasty niffs to a minimum. Keep one in the glove box or hang it to your Walkie Belt’s carabineer by the neat little airing pouch. It acts like a shammy so you can wring it dry and re-use in no time. Size: 35.43 in x 15.75 in Machine washable 

  • The Feastheads

    The Feastheads

    Meet the latest members of the DOOG toy family -  Turkey, Gra'h'am, Crabby Apple Pie and Sweet Potato.  Made from soft, squishy latex, The Feastheads come with a loud squeaker and  all have their own personalities. A perfect fetch toy for feast loving dogs (also suitable for vegetarians).  Note: The toys are not suitable for dogs who chew and destroy their toys with ease. They are best suited for indoor play but can be used outdoors but take off your dog after play is finished so they don't get chewed up! 

  • The Stick Family Fetch Toys

    The Stick Family Fetch Toys

    Safer than a real stick and a lot more fun. The DOOG Sticks are splinter free, made from recycled rubber, have glow in the dark eyes and float in water. They make a great companion for your dog to take to the park and dog beach and just love to be flung and fetched.  NOTE: The Sticks are made from a recycled rubber material so are not designed as a chew toy. Please use them for fetching only and always use under supervision.   

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  • The Super Sticks

    The Super Sticks

    Designed as a tougher version of the original Stick Family, these guys aren't afraid of a bit of rough and tumble at the dog park. Made from durable, natural rubber, they are a much safer option for your pet to fetch than a real stick. The Super Sticks come with glow in the dark eyes and a handy grip for grappling. The rope ensures your Super Stick can be hung at the front door ready for his next adventure.  Please don't leave you dog alone to chew his sticky friend as they are not designed for hard chewing, They are best used for fetching and playing only.  Length - 11inches